Why Studio In Bloom?

Studio In Bloom provides a one stop shopping solution: flowers that last forever and a floral designer that works closely with you, imagine how much time and money you will save! We work closely with our clients to design custom made floral arrangements to match your exact needs; from flower types to colors.

All our flowers are custom made, in any color that you would like, even colors that they don’t naturally occur in. Traditional florists cannot guarantee your favorite flower will be available for your wedding day or special occasion, especially when they are out of season, our clay flowers are never out of season. While they might be able to ship them in from overseas, this is expensive and unreliable, often resulting in unexpected and undesirable last minute substitutions.

Preserving real flowers is expensive! Unfortunately, when your bouquet is preserved, you probably won't recognize it any more; the colors are off and the appearance becomes greatly altered. Our clay flowers will look just as good as the first day you saw them and their cost is much less than the combined cost of real flowers plus preservation.

At Studio in Bloom, our floral products are made well ahead of time and are ready to be used when you need them. With no last minute deliveries or substitutions to worry about you can have your bouquets, arrangements or favors well in advance of when you actually need them … strike one more thing from your to-do list!